My work attempts to truthfully document and share my experience of beauty. The current series utilizes a “camera obscura” to expose this troubled ideal. The unique power of this simple box to incomparably translate and transform the subject is central to my practice both physically and conceptually.

These photographs investigate and question my understanding of beauty. Ordinary glass objects, initially collected from family, and later added to by purchase, are the subject and vehicle for telling a story. Most of the glass is mid-century modern and comes from the immediate and extended Italian family. Much of my life was and is centered in the kitchen, making these functional and decorative pieces part of my every day. They are imbued with memories that return to reveal details about my life and the simple power found in living every day. Beauty is experience. Beauty is experiential.

The footed bowls and compotes, plates and lidded candy jars are precariously stacked to create towers that seem both confident and solid and ready to collapse simultaneously. These fragile still life constructions play out my life, documenting it’s past and predicting my future.

Our human capacity for seeing everything that surrounds us is called into question. These ideas are inspired by my fascination and obsession to elevate the ordinary to an unfamiliar and beautiful or magical place. By this act, I seek out to repetitively recreate and re-experience those moments of encountering and recognizing beauty, which helped to form my person.

All of the works are unique and are 40”h x 30”w. These are traditional, wet darkroom prints and exclude the use of any post manipulation or digital technology. Access to current tools and information is left behind in favor of a simple process and methodology that in itself is beautiful and revealing in a real human way. The protracted engagement with subject, process, and meaning are core to my interest as artist and observer and eventually, storyteller.

The goal is to make work that reflects what is important to me, beautiful to me, and truthful. Both the work and the long laborious process grow from these beliefs. The work personifies my experience of being in the world and coming to understand myself as well as others, through sharing these experiences.